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July 07, 2023
Meet Our Members: Clark Spitzer

Clark Spitzer began his career in the wholesale lumber industry over 40 years ago, getting his start as one half of a two-man team assigned to start up a truss and panel plant for a Long Island lumber yard. Today, he serves as the president of Snavely Forest Products and is the incoming chair of the NAWLA Board of Directors. Get to know Clark, including what motivates him to continue on a career path in wholesale lumber, how he has seen the industry change over the years, his volunteer work with NAWLA and what he hopes to accomplish during his time as chair, in this member spotlight.

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April 17, 2023
Meet Our Members: KayCee Hallstrom

KayCee Hallstrom is no stranger to the lumber industry, having grown up working for the family business, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc. Now the vice president at Zip-O, she is a fourth-generation industry professional dedicated to the trade. Learn more about KayCee, including her thoughts on working with family, her involvement with NAWLA and how she has seen the industry evolve in this member spotlight. 

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April 03, 2023
Against the Grain: Leaders Together, Leading Together

Steve Rustja, Vice President – Trading | Weston Forest Products, 2023 NAWLA Chair

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