NAWLA Committees

2024 Committee Rosters

Special thanks to all of NAWLA's dedicated volunteers serving on committees this year! Please click the links below to visit the NAWLA committee pages for each roster.

Education Committee

NAWLA's Education Committee serves as the vehicle for educating all members of the forest product industry by creating programs for numerous skill-sets (i.e. sales, purchasing, logistics, trends, etc;) Programs include:

  • Wood Basics Course
  • Executive Management Institute (EMI)
  • Traders Market Programming
  • Year-Round Webinars and Programming

Committee Roster

Executives Forum Committee

The goal of the Executives Forum Committee is to plan a robust annual Spring leadership conference that attracts decision-makers from all parts of the forest products distribution chain (i.e. Timber owners to Retailers). Leadership Summit provides value to current NAWLA members, prospective NAWLA members, and enhances the NAWLA “brand” throughout the forest products industry.

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Finance Committee

The goal of the Finance Committee is to oversee all financial reporting of the association and recommend fiscal policy to allow good stewardship of NAWLA investments. The committee works to ensure NAWLA remains a fiscally sound association for years to come.

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Marketing Committee

To support Marketing Staff with insight and ideas for advanced marketing.

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Membership Committee

The goal of the Membership Committee is to grow and retain NAWLA membership. The committee is also tasked with prospecting potential new NAWLA members.

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Regional Meetings Committee

The goal of the Regional Meetings Committee is to create seven great regional meetings each year. Each subcommittee is tasked with planning venue, meeting budgetary goals for registration, and securing local sponsorship. Both NAWLA member and non-members are welcome to Regional Meetings for peer-to-peer networking and educational programming.

Committee Roster

Traders Market Committee

The goal of the Traders Market committee is to bring a one of a kind event that allows the industry to connect under one roof while growing attendance, growing the number of exhibitors and sponsors while generating a profit.

Committee Roster


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