A Wholesaler is any person, firm or corporation regularly engaged in wholesaling and/or offshore trading of forest products and related building materials who demonstrates a commonality of interest with the membership and:

  • Maintains a sales organization for wholesale purposes
  • Assumes credit risks due to the purchase and resale of forest products and related building materials
  • Performs such other functions related to the processing and distribution of products

The majority of gross profits are to the wholesale trade defined as: Retail Building Material Dealers; Retail Building Material Cooperatives; Industrial Accounts; Vertically Integrated Manufacturers; Mass Merchandisers; Millwork & Furniture Manufacturers; Local, State and Federal Government; Offshore Export; and other Wholesale companies.

The majority of gross profits may not involve manufacturers with which there is an exclusive sales agreement.

The majority of gross profits may not involve entities with whom the applicant has a direct or indirect financial interest, such as owners, partners, stockholders, affiliated firms, or subsidiaries.

An importer/exporter who takes title to the resold goods is included in this category.

Wholesaler Dues Rate:

NAWLA's membership calendar runs from January 1 - December 31. Annual dues for Wholesalers are based on dollar amount ($U.S.) of annual sales. 

Under $15 (m) $1,000
$15 to $50 (m) $2,200
$50 to $75 (m) $3,000
Over $75 (m) $4,000


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