Fall Wood Basics | Peach Tree City, GA | September 11-15

Employees need that training and confidence to help a company grow and prosper. Companies need employees who know they will receive the training they need to do a good job.

The Wood Basics Course provides companies and employees the chance to invest in the future. Whether it is a new employee just starting in the industry or a veteran who is moving into a new field, the course will provide the student and company with the resources to succeed.

Wood Basics is a four-day immersion class that includes both classroom training and field operations. The curriculum encompasses the entire spectrum of the forest products industry: from seed to tree, from production to sales.

About Wood Basics


The NAWLA Wood Basics Course started in 1981 to educate and develop a skilled workforce for the forest products industry. More than 1,500 professionals have graduated from the course since its inception, representing a broad cross section of the industry. Since that time, the curriculum has evolved with the industry, in areas such as technology and global trade. Today, Wood Basics provides companies the best value and option to ensure employees have the tools and knowledge to help them succeed.


Classes are taught by industry professionals and cover all the topics relevant to success, such as:

  • Negotiations Training
  • Product Segmentation
  • Ask the Experts Panel
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Forest Management & Operations


The instructors are recognized experts in their respective fields, including corporate executives and industry consultants. Courses are also taught from professors from the Department of Forest Resources Management, the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, Department of Wood Science and Wood Building Design and Construction from the University of British Columbia. The University provides many of the facilities, while their professors also act as instructors.

NAWLA Wood Basics

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NAWLA Mill Tour