Engage 10 Group

Mission Statement
To influence positive growth and lead change within our industries, companies, and NAWLA, by connecting a diverse group of industry professionals

Vision Statement
We recognize that to make an impact within the organization of NAWLA and our own respective companies, it is important to have a diverse representation within our 10-group. We have asked< men and women both with generational, short, and long-term experience to be a part of our group. We are hoping to tap into the experience and perspectives of each member to overcome challenges and start conversations regarding the changes we are faced with. Topics such as diversity in leadership, technology, and the next generation in our workforce. We are calling ourselves “engage” because that is our goal. To be a highly engaged within our group, NAWLA, and the industry as a whole. We aspire to drive value into each meeting, so that each member comes away thinking that their 10-group is a staple of their NAWLA experience.