CFO 10 Group

The CFO 10 Group is made up of the financial executives of NAWLA wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing companies.  The group’s discussions are focused on the industry’s current financial and business challenges.   Areas of discussion include accounting, banking, insurance, human resources, employee benefits, technology and taxation.   The roundtable meeting formats are designed to enhance discussion of the relevant topics.  Discussion focus remains the exchange of information and ideas.

Mark Auxier - Patrick Lumber (Leader)

Lori Hodges – Tri-State Forest Products

Jackie Bartanen – Amerhart

Natalie Heacock – Patrick Lumber Company

Tom Berghouse - Tri-State Forest Products

Ronnie Stroud - US Lumber

Marilyn Hendrick - Collins

Jeff Jenkins - Capital Lumber 

Carl Daines - JM Thomas

Tiffany Richardson - Empire Building Materials, Inc.