1. Must be a current NAWLA member to join.
  2. Should not compete with any members of group.
  3. Must be unanimously approved by other members of group.
  4. Promise to attend all meetings unless critical personal or company related matters prevent him/her from doing so, and should come to those meetings prepared to discuss the issues on the agenda.
  5. Should be willing to attend any 10 Group meetings or conference calls in addition to those held in conjunction with NAWLA events.
  6. Agree to comply with NAWLA Anti-trust Guidelines while in 10 Group meetings.
  7. Agree to hold information obtained, and matters discussed in 10 Group meetings extremely confidential.
  8. Agree to share his/her personal and company information relative to the agenda topics discussed at our 10 Group meetings, and should be willing to contribute to discussion points raised at those meetings.

If you are interested in joining or creating a 10 Group, click here to send us an email letting us know which group you would like to join. 

10 Groups

Beta 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Harris Gant (East Coast Mouldings, Inc.)


Buddy Klumb 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Steve Rustja (Weston Forest Products, Inc.)

The Buddy Klumb 10 Group is made up of Executives from NAWLA wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing companies. The group’s discussions are focused on high level challenges faced by our individual companies as well as the industry as a whole.


CFO 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Natalie Heacock (Patrick Lumber Company), Tiffany Richardson (Empire Building Materials)

The CFO 10 Group is made up of the financial executives of NAWLA wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing companies.  The group’s discussions are focused on the industry’s current financial and business challenges.   Areas of discussion include accounting, banking, insurance, human resources, employee benefits, technology and taxation.   The roundtable meeting formats are designed to enhance discussion of the relevant topics.  Discussion focus remains the exchange of information and ideas.


Columbus 10 Group (Open)

This group of individuals was formed out of interest expressed at the 2023 NAWLA Traders Market in Columbus, OH.


Engage 10 Group (Full)

Leaders: Chelsea Zuccato (Patrick Lumber Company)

Mission Statement
To influence positive growth and lead change within our industries, companies, and NAWLA, by connecting a diverse group of industry professionals

Vision Statement
We recognize that to make an impact within the organization of NAWLA and our own respective companies, it is important to have a diverse representation within our 10-group. We have asked< men and women both with generational, short, and long-term experience to be a part of our group. We are hoping to tap into the experience and perspectives of each member to overcome challenges and start conversations regarding the changes we are faced with. Topics such as diversity in leadership, technology, and the next generation in our workforce. We are calling ourselves “engage” because that is our goal. To be a highly engaged within our group, NAWLA, and the industry as a whole. We aspire to drive value into each meeting, so that each member comes away thinking that their 10-group is a staple of their NAWLA experience.


Gen Next 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Bethany Doss (Capital Lumber Company)

The GenNext group is focused on forward-thinking initiatives that impact our industry and businesses alike.  We consider ourselves the “future” of NAWLA and hope to push our industry and our companies into the future of doing business.  Our focus resonates with hiring, training and retaining the next generation of leaders.


GenNext 2 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Lauren Holm (Oregon Canadian Forest Products Inc.)

The NextGen2 group is for those in the 2nd generation or older of family ownership.  Our goal is to create a supportive, open, informative and confidential space to inspire legacies to continue on. We strive for genuine interactions to better ourselves and the other members of the group. The mission is to fill our ranks with individuals that we can all support and learn from for years to come.  


HR 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Stephanie Curry (Sherwood Lumber)

Provides networking opportunities, legal updates, wage/salary information and much more for HR professionals or their equivalent. (Membership is limited to individuals responsible for the HR functions in their company).


Meridian 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Curt Stuckey (Wholesale Wood Products) 


Phoenix 3 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Mason Fuller (Mason Forest Products)

This group of individuals was formed out of interest expressed at the 2022 NAWLA Traders Market in Phoenix, AZ.


Shelter 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Dustin Jalbert (Fastmarkets RISI)

The Shelter Ten Group focuses on recent developments in the North American housing market, including trends in macroeconomic data, construction technology, demographics, shelter affordability and policy developments related to residential construction.

The format of the meetings are a roundtable discussion to share experiences and expertise on the housing industry, with the goal of keeping fellow members informed on this critical sector to the wood products industry.


Trail Blazers 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Ben Jordan (Nicholson & Cates Building Products)

The Trail Blazers 10 Group is focused on emerging markets, industry trends and current/trending business strategies including business management, administration & succession planning. Our groups discussions are focussed on new and exciting topics pertaining to construction innovation, revolutions in building materials and practice, as well as the management and administrative strategies of industry/world leading companies.


Women in NAWLA (W.I.N.) 10 Group (Full)

Leader: Tina Breen (Manufacturers Reserve Supply)

The W.I.N. group is centered around the growing population of women in NAWLA. Although the common thread among us is that we are women in the building materials industry, our discussions are centered around industry hot topics, trade, commerce, human relations, product knowledge, and business strategies. This group is proud of how we have uniquely bonded and the level of support we provide to each other as we strive to achieve business and personal goals. We welcome all women in NAWLA to check us out.


Work In Progress 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Emma Avakian (Weston Forest Products)

Our group meetings include open ended conversations about anything industry related or personal goals/difficulties. We have a mix of new and experienced industry members to give a range of different opinions and perspectives. We aspire to build on any skills of importance to group members. We have space available for new members!