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July 11, 2024
Meet Our Members: Alex Staalner

Alex Staalner has been closely connected to the lumber industry throughout his life, but he never anticipated pursuing a career within it. A conversation with one of his father's old colleagues sparked an interest, and Alex decided to start a career in the industry, where he has been with Brookhuis America Inc. since. In this member spotlight, learn about how Alex got his start in the industry, how he has seen the industry change over the years, and his favorite NAWLA moment.

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June 27, 2024
Meet Our Members: Thomas Compa

A newcomer to the lumber industry, Thomas Compa joined Patrick Lumber Company just over a year ago after transitioning from a career at a wholesale building material export company specializing in the Japanese market. In this member spotlight, learn about how he got his start with Patrick Lumber, what motivates him, and his favorite NAWLA experiences so far.

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June 24, 2024
Meet Our Members: Patrick Randall

After managing restaurants for over a decade, Patrick Randall jumped into a career in lumber at Wholesale Wood Products. An active NAWLA and Young Emerging Lumber Professional (YELP) member, he has found connection, passion, and more in the lumber industry. In this member spotlight, hear about how he got his unexpected start, and how he has seen the lumber industry change since 2020.

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