Shelter 10 Group

The Shelter Ten Group focuses on recent developments in the North American housing market, including trends in macroeconomic data, construction technology, demographics, shelter affordability and policy developments related to residential construction.

The format of the meetings are a roundtable discussion to share experiences and expertise on the housing industry, with the goal of keeping fellow members informed on this critical sector to the wood products industry.

Dustin Jalbert (Leader) - Fastmarkets RISI

Andre Beaulieu - Irving

Phillippe Clune - Resolute Forest Products

Scott Elston - Forest City

Judy Haney - Boise Cascade

Nick Lake - Zip-O-Mills Inc.

Kyle Little - Sherwood Lumber

Thomas Mende - Binderholz

David Preston - Capital Lumber

Spencer Snope - Capital Lumber

Jennifer Coskren - Fastmarkets RISI

Bryan Kublitz - Roseburg